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Christopher Cruise
4800 Hampden Lane, Suite 200
Bethesda, Maryland 20910

Phone: 301-841-7680     Cell: 240-475-5633
Website: www.GOTeHomeLoans.com  Email:

I am celebrating my 21st year providing excellent advice, great service and low rates and fees to clients who are purchasing a home or refinancing their existing mortgage loan. As the Senior Loan Officer at GOTeHomeLoans (the DC area's only Upfront Mortgage Broker), I take pride in providing outstanding customer service and maintaining a high standard of ethics, trust and honesty.  The Mortgage Professor Jack Guttentag, who created the Upfront Mortgage Broker concept) says I am one of the five best mortgage professionals in the country: www.mtgprofessor.commortgage_broker.htm
I have been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, US News and World Report, The Associated Press, The Washington Examiner, The Washington Times, and regularly in The Washington Post, and I have contributed articles and columns to many mortgage trade publications since the late 1980s. 
I am on the Board of Directors of The National Association of Responsible Loan Officers - www.narlo.com - and served on the board of the Maryland Association of Mortgage Brokers. I have written training manuals on Appraisals, Credit Scoring, Reverse Mortgages and The History of Mortgages and I cover Capitol Hill as a freelance reporter for mortgage trade publications. I guess you could say I am a true mortgage geek and proud of it -I actually enjoy researching the history of mortgages and I love sitting in on hours-long Congressional hearings!
I taught 8-week long classes in home buying for nearly 8 years at the community college level and continue to teach loan officers and processors throughout the country for some of the country's biggest mortgage schools including www.LoanOfficerSchool.com and www.LenderTraining.com
As my clients can attest, I can be reached from early in the morning until late at night seven days a week at 240-475-5633. As a certified Upfront Mortgage Broker with GOTeHomeLoans, I adhere to the ethics of the Upfront Mortgage Brokers Association. Pursuant to these guidelines, I provide you with a signed agreement detailing the exact amount and type of compensation I will receive and I don't accept a penny more. Any fees or commissions received in excess of this amount are rebated to you. Unlike most brokers, I do not accept lender incentives (called Yield Spread Premiums and sometimes referred to as kickbacks), which means I am on YOUR side. Increasing the interest rate does not increase my commission, so I give you the lowest rate available from our lenders.
We don't charge our clients for a credit report and we don't charge junk fees like "doc prep," "admin," and "misc." We also work with title companies to secure low costs and low title insurance premiums. Our rate quotes are generally zero discount point quotes. (In some instances it may make sense to pay a fraction of a discount point to lower the rate by .125%; in those cases, we will alert you to that and give you the information you need to make an informed decision.)  Also, please know that we give you access to wholesale rates. In most cases, those rates are .375% below what most online mortgage rate charts show. You can check those wholesale rates anytime at www.MTGProfessor.com 
You can do the application online, over the phone or in our office or we can come to you.  Feel free to call me or submit a mini-application at our website -www.GOTeHomeLoans.com. I'll quickly send you useful information on how to shop for a mortgage loan and I'll send you personalized closing costs estimates for your loan along with our wholesale rate quote.



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